All beings seek love, satisfaction and happiness. God is everlasting love; he created the world through love and from love. Share love, enjoy life, see divine splendor in everything and attain spiritual realization: this is the purpose of creation itself.
Every living being is inhabited by the profound aspiration to achieve the same purpose for which they were created. Thus man will not know lasting happiness or will not put an end to the interminable sequence of his ills so long as he has not understood. Dharma is the way one needs to follow to achieve the fulfillment of the ultimate purpose of our incarnation. Dharma means right action, an action in harmony with the order of all things and one who follows the Dharma will be free of suffering and will enter a whole new dimension of life, inhabited by Grace. The practice of Dharma opens the gateway to the Divine status and permanent Joy. Our existence as individuals and as members of a family, a society, and a nation is going to go through a profound transformation process until it takes divine characteristics, causing the Earth to become gradually , a place of happiness and celebration.



Evolution is a law of nature and requires no conscious effort ... until it comes to the human stage. The hand of nature takes everything in charge for the animals, the plants and other creatures. Man alone has free will; to evolve, he will have thus to provide a conscious effort. It is therefore very important to give man the opportunity to set out on the path of Dharma from an early age. It will be easier to help a child develop his conscience before the disordered passions and desires take hold of his mind. The development of consciousness, which will allow him to grasp the true meaning of existence, is a factor of the cosmic energy that flows freely in the small child. However, we will have to make sure, during the school years, that the child can integrate the knowledge of the things of the world along with the spiritual realities, those being the true causes of the movements of the world. Hence an inner understanding and genuine intelligence will be able to develop in parallel in the soul of the child. .
It is also this integrated knowledge of external reality and inner growth process that will build a family life and a satisfying and happy social life. Through the practice of Dharma our individual and family life will begin to reflect divine qualities. We will be accessing the divine-human condition and will be a leaven of transformation for the society in which we live and our entire nation. Our nation will one day have a structure and a functioning that will truly be in harmony with the Divine order. The divine nations will cooperate with each other and the world will be completely transformed. It is really possible to build a world in which life becomes a constantly renewed joy, and the Divine Will itself calls us today to take part in this cosmic mission.



Most people consider the world as it is perceived through the senses is the only reality. They merely seek pleasure in the outside world and do not care to find a greater truth than the material world. Another category of people - including many spiritual seekers claim that the world we live in is an illusion and only God, or Brahman, or the Absolute, really exists. They see everything relating to the life in matter as a danger to the soul and consider that the only way to attain spiritual realization is to withdraw from the world. In the context of the Middle Way, both these views are extreme and should be avoided. According to the Middle Way, the world is the smile of God and 'God' is the subtle reality that penetrates everything and is the very fabric of the world. To move on the Middle Way one must remain focused on the imperishable core of our being while fulfilling our role in the great movement of the outer life. Many great masters of the past advocated the Middle Path. Sri Tathāta's new Dharma deepens, expands and renews this teaching altogether.