Śrī Tathāta

Who is he ?

Ambassador of peace both in India and in the West, Sri Tathāta conducts large gatherings and rituals for Peace and Harmony on Earth, attracting thousands of people and many politicians, scientists, as well as well-known social and spiritual figures.

A Predestined child, Sri Tathāta was born in Kerala ( South India) where he spent most of his childhood and adolescence in solitary meditation absorbed into the divine, in strict yogic discipline. At the height of this ascetic period, which lasted fifteen years, his consciousness was merged with the Cosmic Consciousness.

Deeply moved by the suffering of the world, he dedicated his life entirely to the elevation of human consciousness, so that peace and harmony could settle on earth. In that intent, he has been teaching the Dharma of the present time. Dharma means the natural order of things or Cosmic Order.

A Spiritual master for some, a sage for others, Sri Tathāta says of himself: "I am neither a sage nor a yogi nor a spiritual master. I am only a channel for the Primordial Truth. I have no individuality. For people who come to me, I am what they want me to be. It is the energy that results from this contact that elevates them. They and this energy are responsible for this. I'm but an instrument. "

His teachings come directly from the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of ancient India (perhaps the oldest of humanity) left by the great Rishis. His motivation is to raise the consciousness of humanity to the highest level, irrespective of nationality or religion.

The foundation of his teachings lays on the four phases or stages of life, with a focus on the education of the youths because with a solid foundation and awareness of the purpose of life on Earth, society can develop in accordance with the Cosmic Order.

Sri Tathāta explains that in the eyes of the Divine Mother the human being is the noblest being of creation. This nobility comes from our capacity to connect to the Divine Light and bring it down on ourselves and all creation. By this nobility it is meant that humans are given the ability to achieve realization at all the levels of being all the way to immortality. The purpose of nature is the Divine perfection indeed.

It is with this in mind that He solemnly revealed the Dharmas Sutras in Sarnath, on January 21: they help us to reach our divine nature.

He teaches these precepts, as well as specific spiritual practices, allowing purification of the three bodies (physical, energetic and mental) and elevation of consciousness, which binds us to nature and its rhythms and allows us to develop a harmonious relationship with the world.








Sri Tathāta travels in the West, where he has been invited every year since 2007. Thousands of people benefit from his teachings. Teaching programs are also set up regularly in India in the Dharma Pitha.

During his tour in September 2012, he met Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican. That same year, he met His Holiness the Dalai Lama in November, at his residence in northern India in Mac Leodganje as well as representatives of the Kogi people in Paris. All this happened in the context of the organization of the Mahayaga.