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The world today is experiencing an unprecedented transition in the history of the evolution of consciousness: with climatic, social and economic disturbances our modern world is going through a disorder that leaves man lost to himself, with no real purpose.


Knowing the purpose of life is everyone's pursuit allowing man to regain the leadership and focus that he's seeking for..


According to Śrī Tathāta "God has crafted creation so that all created beings can enjoy well-being, but the progress of the world depends on the development of human consciousness; being observant to Dharma makes one and the other possible.".


The main duty of man is to sinchronyze his with the purpose of creation.


To know Śrī Tathāta and the Dharma of this time present is a precious help to in awareness so as to understand the purpose of life for ourselves and to help the world move into the earth's new consciousness.




Who is Śrī Tathāta?

What teatchings or initiation does he offer?

What is Dharma ?



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